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soft bullet gun shell throwing gun toy shooting game

soft bullet gun shell throwing gun toy shooting game

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Firing distance: 8-10cm
One-click pop-up magazine, automatic shell throwing, and experience interesting shooting.
Age of use above 14

Products include:
1X toy gun
8X cartridge case
10X sub-warhead
1x muffler


1. When will the package be transported after the order is placed?
A: After placing an order, we usually arrange to process your order within 72 hours

2.How long will it take for my guns to arrive?
A.General goods take 2+ weeks and 4+ weeks for toy guns.

3. Why does the transportation take so long?
A: Because toy guns are very special products. In particular, toy guns look like real guns. We use special logistics channels to transport your packages, which will take longer than other conventional products. The customs will check it, and the probability of confiscation is 1%.

4. What if the toy gun is confiscated by the customs?
A: You will send us the photos of the seized documents, and we will arrange to return them to you in full.

5. Where can I find the package transportation information?
A: You can query specific logistics information https://www.17track.net/en .

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